Interest in online learning grows as the need for ‘digital literacy’ skills remains

Research by online learning providers, DLC Training reveals a surge in interest around digital literacy and the advantages of online learning.

Searches for ‘digital literacy’ have increased by 276% in the past month while average monthly searches for ‘advantages of online learning’ have also increased by more than 5000%.

According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, it is estimated that 7.9 million people will still lack digital skills by 2025.

With this in mind, experts from DLC Training share five transferable skills learned through online learning including most importantly, digital literacy.

Time management
Time management usually equals excellent leadership. Influential leaders or employees should be able to manage time well in order to get tasks done and meet business demands. Effectively managing time includes setting clear goals, prioritising, and accomplishing action plans within a given timeframe. It also means proactively finding new and productive ways to complete tasks.

Quality Assurance Manager at DLC Training, Stephanie Giacomelli, explains:

“When you participate in online courses, you quickly realise the importance of managing your time effectively. Online courses often give you the freedom to learn at your own pace within a designated timeframe. By consistently meeting deadlines and sticking to schedules, you not only enhance your time management skills but also acquire a valuable skill set that easily applies to real-life work situations.”

Digital literacy
According to the Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Index, it is estimated that 8% of adults have zero basic digital skills while a further 12% only have limited abilities online.

In the current working world, lacking online and computer literacy can likely mean your job application gets rejected. In online learning, students learn how to use a variety of computer applications in order to complete various assignments. They need to know how to be internet savvy too. With this, online or distance learning graduates are more adept and confident in their digital literacy.

Stephanie explains:

“The valuable experience gained through online education equips students with the necessary skills and confidence to navigate the modern job market. The days of mailing CVs and making endless phone calls are long gone. In today’s digital age, job seekers must understand the importance of professional branding, ATS resume templates, and online interviews. By engaging in online education, students develop digital knowledge and literacy, empowering them to become stronger and more competitive candidates in the job market.”

Problem-solving skills
Many of today’s online learners are parents, students, or full-time employees, all seeking skill or career development. This means an online learner usually has many responsibilities outside of class. Hence, online students develop excellent problem-solving skills as they navigate their many roles to meet all of life’s demands. Connecting coursework to real-world issues and personal experience is a great way to develop critical problem-solving skills.

Work-life balance
The people who best display work-life balance are those who juggle multiple roles at once. Ultimately, online students must learn how to balance work, family, social life, and academics as they go through their courses. It is the only way to fulfil all their roles in a healthy, balanced way.

Online communication
Online communication is vital to excelling in today’s work environment. With the evolution of technology, virtual communication is as important as face-to-face meetings. Stephanie adds:

“Through the experience of distance learning, students acquire valuable skills in virtual communication. Engaging with instructors and mentors online teaches them the importance of etiquette and professionalism in various digital platforms, such as conferences, emails, and instant messaging. These skills are essential in today’s business world, where effective virtual communication plays a crucial role..”

For more information on the benefits of online learning visit the DLC Training website.

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