School Admission Arrangements Set to Change in Carmarthenshire Following Consultation

Following a public consultation and decision by Cabinet, school admission arrangements for four-year-olds are changing in Carmarthenshire. From September 2025 children will start full-time education the term following their fourth birthday instead of the term in which they turn four.

This means that children attending 3-11age schools and receiving part-time education will remain in part-time education for a term longer than they do under the present policy.

This change will only affect children born on or after  1 September 2021. There will be no change for children starting part-time or full-time education before 1 September 2025.


The following table summarises the start dates for pupils based on their date of birth, together with the deadline for submitting the admissions application and the date of notification of decision.


Child’s Date of Birth Range Admission Term Expected admission Start Date Closing date for applications Notification of decision date
1 September 2021 to

31 December 2021

Spring Term 2026 January 2026  

31 January 2025


16 April 2025

or next working day

1 January 2022 to

31 March 2022

Summer Term 2026 April 2026
1 April  2022 to

31 August 2022

Autumn Term 2026 September 2026


All parents must submit a separate application for the full-time 4-year-old place in a school by 31 January 2025 regardless of the term in which they will eventually become full-time. A separate application is required for a part-time and full-time school place.

For parents who have already applied for a full-time place in a school from 1 September 2025, the School Admissions Team will contact you if you are affected by the change.  There is no need to re-apply if you have already made an application for a full-time school place, the Admissions Team will automatically update the start date for your child to reflect the new policy.

Working parents may be able to access up to 30-hours funded combined  Education and Childcare via the Welsh Governments’ Childcare offer for eligible children aged 3 to 4 years old.  Please follow this link Childcare – Carmarthenshire Family Information Service ( for more information.


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