Celebrate Earth Day with Discovery Education – New Digital and Immersive Learning Resources for Primary Schools

Primary schools across the UK are being invited to celebrate Earth Day with exciting new digital and immersive learning resources from Discovery Education.

Available via Discovery Education’s award-winning daily learning platform Espresso, the high-quality digital resources – which include a new Augmented Reality (AR) experience – will inspire pupils to explore our planet and ignite interest in the natural world. Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital resources nurture curiosity and drive deeper engagement. Taking place on 22nd April, Earth Day is an annual, global event that unites more than 1 billion people for a brighter future.

Covering the breadth of the curriculum, Discovery Education’s Earth Day resources include:


  • Sandbox AR Earth Day Experience:

An exciting new AR activity, which brings pupils face to face with the problem of pollution. Using Discovery Education’s free Sandbox AR app, pupils can walk around an augmented reality beach scene and participate in a coastal clean-up effort

  • The ‘Home’ Virtual Field Trip:

An exciting, interactive experience taking pupils on a journey from the newly colonised Moon, back home to Earth. Driving across the Moon’s surface in a lunar rover, pupils are guided to reflect on the significance of planet Earth as a home for everyone

  • Earth Day Assemblies:

Celebratory assemblies to help primary school teachers set the scene for Earth Day, with supporting scripts, slideshows and question prompts

  • Earth Day Lessons:

Special lessons with videos, discussion prompts and extension activities that explore how we can celebrate our planet


Discovery Education’s Earth Day resources are closely mapped to the National Curriculum, helping teachers to meet objectives in Science, Citizenship, Geography and British Values.

Lizzy Lambley, Discovery Education’s UK Head of Production said: “We’re delighted to provide primary schools with these engaging resources to observe Earth Day. With these resources in hand, educators are prepared to ignite student curiosity about how they can build a better future of our planet.”


Discovery Education’s Espresso Earth Day resources are available to subscriber schools at www.espresso.co.uk.

For more information about Discovery Education’s award-winning digital resources and professional learning solutions visit www.discoveryeducation.co.uk and stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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