Startup Sherpas Ready to Empower One Million Teenage Entrepreneurs Globally by 2029 with Proven Startup Training Platform.

Barcelona, Spain – 20th February 2024: In a significant move to globalise its startup training platform, Startup Sherpas has unveiled its new Barcelona office within the vibrant Tech Barcelona.

This strategic expansion marks the beginning of its mission to extend its successful combination of junior apprenticeships, paid work experience and Young Founder Training beyond the UK, targeting young entrepreneurs across the Mediterranean – with the aim of venturing into Latin America. The exciting news of who will be heading the Barcelona office will be released shortly.

This move has been supported by the British Embassy and the Spanish Government, who see the global need for entrepreneurial education as a key priority.

Startup Sherpas has crafted its educational approach with global scalability at its core. The model, which merges practical paid work experience with startup training, has already celebrated remarkable success in the UK. To date, nearly 5,000 young people have completed the programme – and Startup Sherpas is on track for a further 10,000 participants in 2024.

Startup Sherpas equips young individuals with the tools necessary to emerge as the next wave of innovators, poised to tackle global challenges such as climate change, sustainable food systems and a stable global economy.

Katherine Walker, Chief Impact Officer at Startup Sherpas, said: “Having proven its effectiveness in the UK, our platform is now set to make its mark globally – beginning with the Mediterranean and Latin America.

“The Barcelona office embodies our commitment to fostering a generation equipped to create the future we all envision,” she added.

The organisation is keen to adapt and customise its highly successful UK-based model to align with the distinct cultural and economic contexts of the Mediterranean and Latin American regions. This expansion underlines Startup Sherpas’ dedication to forming a global network of one million young entrepreneurs by 2029.

Hugo Pickford-Wardle, Co-founder of Startup Sherpas, highlighted: “Given that 40% of our participants access the platform via mobile phones, it’s fitting to launch our next phase at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Thursday 29th February.”

“The support from the British Embassy and the Spanish government also underscores the timeliness of our expansion.”

Sarah Roles-Ndibe, Head of Technology & Financial Services at the British Embassy, shared her enthusiasm. “Supporting Startup Sherpas’ expansion into Barcelona aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting innovation and collaboration between the UK and Spain,” she said.

“Its venture into the Mediterranean and Latin America underscores the universal demand for entrepreneurial education and the global influence of innovative UK enterprises.”

The organisation’s work in the UK, including partnerships with the Tax Office and Accenture to address Cyberbullying and scams, sets a precedent for its international efforts.

Its impactful work has garnered acclaim from partners and media alike, including Allianz and the Financial Times. A testament to its success, a group of teenagers from the programme is shortly showcasing their work at the Financial Times headquarters in London.

Startup Sherpas invites media, potential partners, and interested parties to support its mission to empower the next generation of global innovators.

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