South Devon College Offers Suggestions for a Sustainable Christmas

Stuck for Christmas present ideas that won’t break the bank or damage the earth this festive season, then South Devon College is here to help.

Here’s their top tips for a sustainable Christmas:

You’re never too old to learn.

Why not give someone an evening course as a present this Christmas? South Devon College has a variety of short courses from introduction to ceramics, photography or watercolour painting. It’s a great taster for someone who wants to learn a new skill, meet new people, and maybe they’ll find a new hobby too.

Consider Buying Second Hand

Rather than buying brand new, why not buy second-hand this festive season? Charity shops, antique markets and online sites offer a wide variety of preloved clothes, books, jewellery, handbags, accessories and ornaments…and scouring second-hand shops for that unique gift can be fun.

Adopt a real animal and support conservation

If you have an animal loving friend or relative why not adopt them an animal this Christmas? Most animal charities, wildlife parks and zoos have adoption schemes. Your gift recipient will get a certificate and an update on their new adopted friend.

Save money and the planet by crafting Christmas Decorations

For an alternative to buying Christmas decorations, why not make your own?  Crafting can be so much more fun and more personal.  Check out this YouTube video on how to make your own book baubles:

The Gift of Nature

You could also dedicate and have a tree planted for a loved one this Christmas or buy them a pot plant, or put together a gift set so they can grow their own veg next spring.

Send e-cards

Send e-cards instead of Christmas cards. Try using a free design app if you want to get creative. You’re bound to know some people who won’t be able to receive an e-card but why not try giving them a call to wish them a happy Christmas. If you need to buy cards try and find ones made from recycled materials that don’t contain plastics such as glitter

Use sustainable wrap

Try finding more sustainable wrap.  Often commercial wrapping paper is coated and can’t be recycled.  Glitter too, can’t be recycled.  Simple brown paper is cheaper and can be recycled, or even better, decorate your own wrap – its a great thing to do with kids.

Make your own thoughtful Christmas gifts

Instead of heading to the shops why not make your own Christmas presents this year? For food lovers you could make some handmade chocolates, a cake or some biscuits or make them a personalised Christmas decoration.

Want holly and pine cones?  Go and find them!

If you want a touch of winter decor in your home, foraging for holly and pine cones is a great excuse to enjoy the outdoors, and you’ll save money too!


Whatever you do, have a lovely Christmas!



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