The OR Society inspires students with the power of Maths and Operational Research during Maths Week England

The OR Society, the leading membership organisation for operational researchers, is thrilled to take part in Maths Week England (13th to 18th November) and is offering educational resources to teachers and students to bring the world of “maths in the real world” to students, highlighting how maths can be applied, how fun it can be as well as the exciting career pathways it can lead to.

Maths Week England[i] was set up in 2019 with the goal of ensuring that children do not miss out on the opportunities becoming a confident competent mathematician can give them. Maths Week England supports teachers in creating high impact, enjoyable maths activities that can target students of any age or background.

The OR Society’s outreach programme, OR in Education (ORiE), raises awareness of operational research among school and university students and provides careers advice and guidance.

According to the UK Commission for Employment & Skills, 43% of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) vacancies are hard to fill, mainly down to a shortage of applicants with the required skills and experience[ii]. This is something the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is addressing with the ‘Maths to 18’ initiative launched in April that he said is designed to change “our anti-maths mindset in order to boost growth”.

During Maths Week England ORiE is sharing webinars to bring maths and OR alive, including:

  • The Lego Furniture Factory with Matthew Robinson, Chair of the OR in Education Taskforce, demonstrating how math and OR optimize processes for maximum profit and minimal costs using Lego.
  • Maths and Money with OR Society member John Christiansen who explains what predictive models are and how they are used by banks to make important decisions.
  • Volunteering with OR in Education with Eve Hardy, Education Manager at The OR Society which is designed to encourage volunteers and motivate them to share their experiences and insight with students.

Throughout the year, ORiE provides free maths workshops and career talks led by external experts, offering invaluable support to teachers engaging their students with maths. Additionally, a wide range of free resources is available on the TES store.

Eve Hardy, Education Manager at The OR Society, remarked, “We are proud to support Maths Week England and get behind its mission to redefine the conversation around maths to make it accessible and enjoyable for all. Our materials illustrate real-world applications of maths, showcasing OR as a dynamic and fulfilling career option.”

“What’s truly exciting about working in OR is the chance to make a tangible impact on the world. OR professionals play a pivotal role in solving some of the most critical challenges facing society today, such as climate change, healthcare delivery, and transportation congestion.”

For more information about The OR Society and OR in Education, please visit our website at Join us in celebrating the power of math and operational research during Maths Week England and beyond.



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