Half Uniform Costs With New Sew-On Approach

Now more than ever, parents are actively seeking cost-saving methods for their children’s school uniforms. While common tactics like passing down uniforms and purchasing larger sizes for longevity are well-known, how can schools themselves support parents with uniform savings?

Aspinline, a supplier of customisable products shares their insights on how sew-on woven patches can help parents and caregivers across the UK save on uniform expenses.

School uniforms provide a sense of belonging for students. They help develop a good learning environment and can help build the character of a school. Wearing a uniform can also reduce peer pressure and bullying related to fashionable attire.

But the cost of school uniforms continues to surge, parents are grappling with even more significant financial burdens, making the affordability of new, branded school uniforms an increasingly challenging endeavour.

Recent research done by Wynsors Shoes revealed that the cost of a school uniform has increased by an eye-watering 21% since 2018. In 2023 it’s now predicted that parents will be paying around £230.40 for a full school uniform, and unfortunately, these costs are only set to rise in the upcoming years.

The Sew-On Approach

There’s no denying that opting for non-school-branded uniforms can be a significant cost-saving strategy for parents. For instance, a typical high-school knitted jumper may cost around £17.50 when branded, compared to just £10 at a local supermarket, resulting in a substantial £7.50 in savings.

While some schools mandate branded uniforms, parents are increasingly seeking ways to reduce costs, given the significant price difference between branded and plain alternatives.

Schools – One innovative approach is for schools to purchase woven patches in bulk. For instance, if a school purchases 100 custom school badges and offers them to parents and caregivers at a price of their choice such as £1. This method empowers parents to guarantee their children’s adherence to the school’s dress code while simultaneously enjoying cost savings.

Community Centres – To enhance support for parents in managing uniform expenses, local schools could collaborate with community centres and clubs to provide a selection of badges representing various schools in the vicinity. This arrangement would ensure that sew-on patches are readily accessible to parents, whether they’re participating in a club activity or accompanying their child to one.


  • When the child has grown out of the uniform, the patch can be removed and the plain uniform can be given to charity for the next student to use.
  • Can be displayed on the front desk of school receptions easy for parents to buy.
  • Patches can be applied to bags, book bags, pencil cases, coats, PE kits and more.



About Aspinline

Aspinline is a supplier of high-quality promotional products such as Lanyards or Wristbands, Embroidered Patches or Enamel Badges, Keyrings, Challenge Coins and Pin Badges. Aspinline has been supplying custom products for a wide range of events, educational and corporate needs to functions and parties across the UK for 10 years.


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