Cardiff Metropolitan University celebrates the Cardiff Circular Economy Network in Wales

Public and Third Sector Organisations from across South Wales are set to join forces at the Circular Economy Innovation Communities (CEIC) conference, celebrating the new processes and products that have been developed and implemented within organisations across the region.

The free event on 4th July at Cardiff City Stadium, open to business and public service professionals, will celebrate the success of the CEIC project, run by Cardiff Metropolitan University and Swansea University.

CEIC has developed the circular economy and innovation knowledge and skills of professionals to help them develop solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of their organisations. The project ran fourteen cohorts, engaging 190 professionals from 80 organisations across South Wales.

The event’s keynote speakers include Derek Walker, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales; Ben Burggraaf, CEO of Net Zero Industry Wales; and Gareth Browning, Head of Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund. There will be presentations from the challenge groups on the new service solutions that they have developed to reduce carbon footprint or enhance biodiversity. The groups will also share the challenges of innovation and engaging professionals across the Welsh economy.

Dr Gary Walpole, Project Director of Circular Economy Innovation Communities, said: “The economy has operated within a linear mindset for two centuries and we have not considered the finite resources available on the planet, we have not managed the impact well and we’re damaging the planet with the ‘take, make, discard’ mindset.

“The Circular Economy is a call to arms, working with organisations to rework the way they think about their products and services, which CEIC helps to achieve through interactive workshops that enable participants to prototype new solutions to existing problems.  The participants develop working relationships that enable them to work on mutual challenges and share knowledge.

“The conference provides a great opportunity for knowledge transfer between organisations on how they can reduce global warming and to see for themselves the benefits of integrating CE principles into their products and services.”

The CEIC conference – ‘The Time is Now- Designing and Implementing a Circular Future in Wales’ – on Tuesday 4th July from 09:00-15:45 takes place at Cardiff City Stadium and is free entry.

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