Plasdŵr is major donor to local Cardiff school’s project to regenerate community sports pitch

Plasdŵr, Cardiff’s “Garden City for the 21st Century”, has made a significant financial contribution to the regeneration of Radyr Comprehensive School’s all-weather sports pitch as part of its commitment to support local projects and initiatives.

The pitch, which is frequently used for the school’s PE and extra-curricular activities, is used around the calendar as a multi-purpose surface.

It is also a key facility for the local community, with grassroots sports clubs using the space for training in the evenings and during the weekend.

The pitch had become unusable in recent months, but with Plasdŵr’s support, the ground has been made playable again, allowing students and the local community to benefit from the use of the space.

Plasdŵr is identified in Cardiff’s Local Development Plan as key to the city’s economic growth. Up to 7,000 homes will be built over the next 20+ years at the site bordering Radyr, Fairwater, Pentrebane and St Fagans.

The project aligns with Plasdŵr’s values and vision as a sustainable community where people can live, learn, work and play. Plasdŵr is committed to supporting projects and initiatives in its neighbouring communities and has also supported local events including the Radyr and Morganstown festival.


Andrew Williams, Headteacher at Radyr Comprehensive School, said:

“We’ve had ongoing issues around the safety of the pitch which meant it had to close for the local community until the quality was improved. We hadn’t budgeted for this work, so we really are grateful for the support Plasdŵr has given us.

“The project supports the health and well-being agenda of the school, and this aligns with Plasdŵr’s vision of building a healthy and active community. The project has injected life back into the facility, both from a curriculum and a community perspective.”


A spokesperson for Plasdŵr said:

“Community is central to Plasdŵr. As it takes shape, it’s important for us to be a good neighbour and give something back where we can to the existing communities we border. We are happy to be able to support Radyr Comprehensive School and the local community in Radyr and Morganstown on a project they’re passionate about.”


Local county councillor Helen Lloyd Jones helped to set up the partnership between Plasdŵr and Radyr Comprehensive. She said:

“We are incredibly grateful to Plasdŵr for supporting this project. The pitch was unusable and dangerous so it’s a great short-term fix to allow the use of the facility.

“As Plasdŵr develops, it’s important we’re able to integrate it as much as possible into the local community. We need to ensure its residents are able to use the existing neighbouring facilities while the development progresses.”

For more information on the wider development of Plasdŵr, head to

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