Roadshow for deaf children visits Birmingham

Deaf children in Birmingham were given the opportunity to learn more about deafness last week, with a series of fun, informative and engaging workshops from the National Deaf Children’s Society’s Roadshow.

The charity’s Roadshow team visited Longwill School for the Deaf in Bell Hill on 22 and 23 March to give support, advice and information to some of the city’s deaf children and young people, as well as their hearing friends, teachers and parents.

A total of 63 deaf pupils from Longwill School enjoyed workshops from the Roadshow team over the two days, including topics such as Deaf identity, Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Online Safety.

The Roadshow team also showcased the latest technology and equipment, including things like flashing doorbells, vibrating alarm clocks and the latest apps that can transform how deaf children communicate.

The workshops are designed with the needs of deaf children and young people in mind, and focus on building confidence and self-esteem. They also raise awareness about deafness among teachers and parents, and show hearing children how to communicate with their deaf classmates.


Steve Gardiner, of the charity’s Roadshow team and who is deaf himself, said:

“The outreach work of the National Deaf Children’s Society helps empower deaf children and young people and raises awareness of deafness among their friends, family and teachers.

“It’s great to see at first hand the fantastic impact that the work of the charity is having on the lives of the UK’s 50,000 deaf children and young people. By sharing information and developing everyone’s understanding of deafness, we’re working towards a world without barriers for every deaf child.

“We want to remind every deaf child that they have incredible potential and should be aiming high. With the right support, they can do anything anyone else can do.

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