The launch of the Going Green Academy

Going Green has launched The Going Green Academy – the future of environmental e-learning. The Academy is comprised of a full suite of over 150 ‘green’ video-based, interactive microlearning courses designed to educate every single person within an organisation.

Going Green officially launched at The Houses of Parliament in July 2022 and since then have built the comprehensive suite of courses that make up the academy.

The Going Green Academy features e-learning courses alongside in-depth training for senior team members, and specialist one-to-one consultations for organisations who want to go further with their learning.

To further their commitment to ‘education en masse’, each organisation that signs up to the Going Green Academy can nominate a school in their area to receive the specially curated free courses children to teach them about climate change, the environment, biodiversity, and sustainability.

Going Green are passionate about creating change through education at scale, Co-Founder Craig Smith said, “We’re all aware of climate change but many people feel overwhelmed and don’t feel able to make personal impact. Mainstream Media doesn’t report on the crisis in the way that it should and therefore people are left feeling confused. `The Going Green Academy empowers everyone to take the steps within their organisation alongside sustainable changes that can be made in their own lives and homes”

Dr. Paul Beers, The Head of Sustainability at Going Green told us, “Teaching the fundamentals is essential in influencing the culture of an organisation and helps establish businesses as progressive and environmentally aware. It’s important for businesses to have sustainability leaders and equally essential that all team members understand the climate crisis and the part they can play as individuals’

The courses within the academy are broken down into dynamic 15-minute video-based learning, delivered weekly. The fast-paced content is designed to be engaging, immersive, and entertaining as well as educational. Co-Founder Cheryl Hughes explained “We are living in the age of Netflix and TikTok, and people want high impact, bite-sized pieces of information, so it made sense for us to deliver the training in a similar contemporary style.”

The Going Green Academy works on a monthly rolling subscription model with no upfront payments and no need for large financial sign-off – training can begin immediately. Moreover, the subscription service doesn’t charge per student; the cost remains the same whether training 1000 or 10,000 people, ensuring maximum impact in the quickest possible time.

“We’re very excited about working with organisations throughout the UK, so that together we can make real positive change.”


To find out more about The Going Green Academy, you can visit the site or reach out to the team on

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