University of Bristol Duo Awarded Quantum Advisory Prize for Excellence in Mathematics

Two Accounting and Finance graduates at the University of Bristol have secured the Quantum Advisory Prize for stand out achievements in their courses. Along with the notable accolade, Anna Wolstenholme and James (Jim) Robb will also split the prize to help further their careers in the fields of accounting and finance.

The Quantum Advisory Prize was established in 2018 at the University of Bristol and is awarded to the highest achieving accounting and finance students each year. Normally awarded by independent financial services consultancy Quantum Advisory at the end of each academic year, delays caused by the Covid pandemic mean James and Anna have now taken up roles within their chosen field and begun their careers.


Anna, from London, secured the Quantum Advisory Prize for the Best Overall Performance on the University of Bristol undergraduate accounting degrees at intermediate level. Enrolled on BSc Accounting and Finance, Anna was completing her second year when she received the prize and has recently graduated with first-class honours. She is now working within an audit team and completing her ACA exams. Anna said: “I feel very honoured to receive this prize which has provided the chance to explore career options in financial services which are very interesting.”


The Quantum Advisory Prize for Exceptional Degree Performance was won by Jim, from Cheltenham, who is currently completing his ACA exams while working as an insurance auditor. Jim graduated in 2021 with a first-class honours in BSc Accounting and Finance and was in his final year when he received the prize.

Jim said: “I feel incredibly grateful to receive an award to recognise my hard work and dedication during my time at Bristol. It marks a great achievement to be so highly regarded alongside my undergraduate degree.

“I hope to qualify as a chartered accountant in 2024 and explore my options into the various branches of corporate finance, with the long term aim to hopefully become a valuations specialist. Having the potential opportunity to link up with Quantum Advisory at some point in the future and explore potential career opportunities with them is very exciting.”


Partner at Quantum Advisory, Stuart Price, said: “While it was disappointing not to be able to hold a ceremony and meet Jim and Anna in person, it was a pleasure to once again to award the Quantum Prize and hear about all the inspiring work being done by the students at the University of Bristol.

“Jim and Anna are two exemplary individuals that stood out among their peers during their time at university. The work they put in, particularly throughout the disruption caused by the pandemic, has not gone unnoticed and I’ve no doubt their academic success will pave the way for a very prosperous career. We look forward to seeing their progression and will stay in touch and support them along the way.”


Mark Clatworthy, Professor of Accounting at University of Bristol Business School, said: “The aim of the Quantum Advisory Prize is to recognise high performing students’ achievements and this year was no exception in terms of the calibre of work we had to consider. We at the University of Bristol Business School are very proud of our students’ success and we are extremely grateful to Quantum Advisory for their generous sponsorship of these prizes.”


Quantum Advisory has offices in Cardiff, Amersham, Birmingham and London and provides pension and employee benefits services to employers, scheme trustees and members.

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